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An analysis of the acoustic properties of the cell cycle and apoptosis in MCF-7 cells abstract & download TRITOR
The Gray Institute ‘open’ high-content, fluorescence lifetime microscopes abstract & download MIPOS 500 SG
Fast functional imaging of multiple brain regions in intact zebrafish larvae using Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy abstract & download PZ 400 OEM,
Three-dimensional quantum photonic elements based on single nitrogen vacancy-centres in laser-written microstructures abstract & download

MIPOS 100,
PXY 80 D12,
PXY 100 ID

Actin-Bundling Protein TRIOBP Forms Resilient Rootlets of Hair Cell Stereocilia Essential for Hearing

abstract & download

PA 100/12
Adaptive wavefront correction in two-photon microscopy using coherence-gated wavefront sensing abstract & download Tritor 102
An in vivo biosensor for neurotransmitter release and in situ receptor activity abstract & download MIPOS 100 inverted
ATP-dependent mechanics of red blood cells abstract & download Tritor 102
Automated Live Microscopy to Study Mitotic Gene Function abstract & download MIPOS
Chromophore concentrations, absorption and scattering properties of human skin in-vivo abstract & download Fiberswitch
Exploring single-molecule dynamics with fluorescence nanoscopy abstract & download PSH/ mirror tilter, MIPOS
Fast molecular tracking maps nanoscale dynamics of plasma membrane lipids abstract & download Tritor 102
Fast STED microscopy with continuous wave fiber lasers abstract & download PXY 36
Haptic Manipulation of Microspheres Using Optical Tweezers Under the Guidance of Artificial Force Fields abstract & download Tritor 102
In vivo imaging of malaria parasites in the murine liver abstract & download MIPOS
Improvement in Resolution of Laser Capture Microdissection Using Near-Field Probe to Capture Nanoparticles abstract & download PU 65 HR
Macropinocytotic uptake and infection of human epithelial cells with species B2 adenovirus type 35 abstract & download MIPOS
Miniature real time PCR on chip with multi-channel fiber optical fluorescence detection module abstract & download Fiberswitch
Nano- and Micro- Scale Studies of Exocytosis abstract & download

Tritor 100, PXY 40 D12, PZ8 D12

Nanopipette Delivery of Individual Molecules to Cellular Compartments
for Single-Molecule Fluorescence Tracking
abstract & download Tritor 38
Photochromic Rhodamines Provide Nanoscopy with Optical Sectioning abstract & download


Quantifying the Ultrasonic Properties of Cells During Apoptosis using Time Resolved Acoustic Microscopy

abstract & download

Quantitative morphometric measurements using site selective image cytometry of intact tissue abstract & download MIPOS 500
Real-Time Nanomicroscopy via Three-Dimensional Single- Particle Tracking abstract & download MIPOS 100 inverted
Simultaneous Transport of Different Localized mRNA Species Revealed by Live-Cell Imaging abstract & download MIPOS 100 inverted
Spatial Distribution of Maxi-Anion Channel on Cardiomyocytes Detected
by Smart-Patch Technique
abstract & download Tritor
Stepwise Morphological and Functional Maturation of Mechanotransduction in Rat Outer Hair Cells abstract & download stack actuator
Tapered microfluidic chip for the study of biochemical and mechanical
response at subcellular level of endothelial cells to shear flow
abstract & download MIPOS 500
Three-dimensional guidance of DRG neurite outgrowth using multi-photon photo-ablation abstract & download MIPOS 500
Time-lapse FRET microscopy using fluorescence anisotropy abstract & download MIPOS 500
Zinc Oxide Nanocrystals for Non-resonant Nonlinear Optical Microscopy in Biology and Medicine abstract & download MIPOS 100 inverted

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