New dynamic nano positioner PX 50 CAP

piezosystem jena, a world leading company in the development, design, and engineering of piezoelectric actuator based positioning systems for micro- and nanopositioning, now introduces a new positioner. The PX 50 CAP expands the PX series, which has been established for years.

This nano positioner provides a travel range of 50 microns. Due to a special mechanical FEM-optimized design, the actuator has the highest dynamic features that can be generated. Thus, the nano positioning stage can operate with a load at a high frequency. The sub-nanometer resolution in open-loop and closed loop assures high precise positioning. Specially designed solid-state hinges allow for frictionless guidance without mechanical play.

With a size of only 40 x 42 x 35 mm3, the system is an ideal compact solution for many applications. An integrated capacitive measurement sensor system eliminates hysteresis and drift. It also provides an extremely high stability, linearity, and repeatability in closed-loop operation.

The PX 50 CAP is also available in a vacuum and cryogenic version.

With the outstanding specifications of the PX 50 CAP, this nanopositioning system is qualified for application in optics, biology, for laser tuning and fiber positioning, and for scanner systems and mirror adjustment.

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