New piezoelectrical positioning system for microscope revolver MIPOS R120

Available for microscopes of the mayor brands like, Zeiss, Nikon and Leica

With the new MIPOS R120, piezosystem jena GmbH enhances the MIPOS series with a solution for the positioning of the complete microscope revolver.

The main advantage of the positioning system MIPOS R120 is, that the operator is able to switch between lenses without changing the setup. This leads to a significant time-saving.

With its very compact design, the positioning system MIPOS R120 is able to carry an objective revolver with a load of up to 5 kg.

The mounting is quite simple, the positioning system MIPOS R120 is being positioned between the objective revolver and the microscope stand. It is available for microscopes of the mayor brands like, Zeiss, Nikon and Leica etc.

Equipped with capacitive or strain gauge sensors, the MIPOS R120 guarantees a high resolution in nanometer range, a high repeatability and longtime stability.

Due to special parallelogram design and based on solid state flexure hinges, the MIPOS R120 is free of mechanical play and shows no friction and stiction. 

The high resonant frequency makes this system ideal for dynamic applications.

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