Piezo actuators for material testing PIA shockwave generators

Repeatable shocks with timing in the µs-range

Some applications like material testing work by using impact methods. These impacts / shocks can be realized by ballistic methods. Although the methods work with low repetition rates and they do not show a high repeatability. Furthermore the exact triggering of the impact event in the µs-range is not possible. These limitations are overcome by the piezo technology used in mechanical shockwave generator principles.

Piezo shockwave generators of the series PIA from piezosytem jena are specially adapted systems that are capable of generating high accelerations (up to 500.000 m/s²). Shock source and sample are in contact before the impact. An exact triggering of the impact event in the microsecond range is possible based upon this non-ballistic principle. This principle will produce extremely high repeatability rates of the impact parameters. Special designed piezo shockwave generation electronics can reach impact repetition rates up to 1 kHz. The impact parameters, such as energy, acceleration and pulse width are adjustable.

Further applications include impulse generation in inaccessible areas and micro-impulse generation by miniaturized shock generators (e.g. for the calibration of accelerometers).

Piezo shock generators of the PIA series can be used under extreme operating conditions (e.g. shock generation in cryogenic environments).  They are also capable of generating forces of several kN.

Customized solutions in various lengths are available upon request.


  • exact triggering of the impact event in µs
  • accelerations up to 500.000 m/s²
  • impact repsitition rates up to 1 kHz
  • forces of several kN


  • shock wave generation
  • impulse generation in inaccessible areas
  • micro shock generation
  • cryogenic environments


For more information, please contact us at info(at)piezojena.com or call 03641-66880. More information about our new product line and its applications on www.piezo.eu.



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