Product Spotlight December: Customer Request – Special Calibration

piezosystem jena offering a special calibration for all closed loop systems

Closed loop positioning solutions offered by piezosystem jena are typically delivered with a standard calibration. We guarantee that the stages safely reach the desired stroke in an acceptable amount of time.  A special calibration for the customers application e.g. sample mass/step-size is not performed, but is available upon request. The calibration (standard or special) is performed with a laser interferometer and the calibration protocol is supplied along with the system.

Any variation in our setup from that of our customers (such as the modification of a sample or sample mass as well as temperature differences) will affect the accuracy and may result in changes to the values in the provided measurement protocols.  Another critical issue in numerous applications is rise and settling times. Although all piezoelectric positioning systems from piezosystem jena are characterized by a fast rise time, the standard actuators are adjusted to be stable for most applications and thus not optimized for speed.

If an adjustment is necessary, piezosystem jena offers a special calibration, which is fully customizable and takes the following into account:

  • than "normal" directions of motion, e.g. horizontal uses of positioning systems for microscope objectives
  • a change in the lower or upper control reserve (default: approx. 10% of the open loop stroke distributed symmetrically)
  • a different mass or mass distribution
  • a defined rise and settling time for a specific step size

Changes to the calibration and controller settings of our analog amplifiers can only be made by piezosystem jena. For digital amplifiers (EVD 50 CL, 30DV50), the customer can adjust these controller settings on his own. These digital amplifiers also offer the advantages of the well-known ASC function.

For further details regarding special calibration please contact our technical sales team via info(at)piezojena.com, our contact form or call +49(0)364166880.

Produktkatalog von piezosystem jena

  • Anwendungsbeispiele von Piezopositionierern
  • Piezoelemente mit Nanometer-Präzision
  • Piezokomposite- Hochlastaktoren
  • Motion Control Elemente
  • Piezoline: Detaillierte Beschreibung der Piezotechnologie
  • Ausführliche Erklärung der Technologie in Hochlastaktoren

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