Product Spotlight March: The PSt Series

PSt actuators are some of the most versatile of the Piezocomposite line by piezosystem jena. These stack type actuators are being successfully used by many companies and research institution with applications requiring high force and/or highly dynamic actuation – they are applied as stabilizers, sensors or accelerators, among others. Often they are the go-to-solution thanks to their unique physical properties and compact construction design. The latter makes the PSt series especially flexible when it comes to the integration into existing applications and setups.

Image: PSt 1000-16 VS with cooling fins

The PSt actuators are capable of generating forces up to 50 kN and handling loads of up to 70 kN. Beside this high force potential, further unique characteristics include resonant frequencies up to 60 kHz, resolutions in the sub-nanometer range and a high thermal resilience. The actuators can be reliably used from -60°C to +200°C. Upon request, they can be even modified for cryogenic environments. Maximum travel is 260 µm. However, longer travel ranges can be implemented on request. The PSt series comes in two versions: with casing and preload (PSt VS) and without (PSt). The PSt VS models are, thanks to their preload, especially suited for heavy loads.

Depending on the application, there are several options for controlling the PSt actuators. Learn which piezo controller is the right choice for you by contacting our team. You can reach us at info(at)piezojena.com, our contact form or via +49(0)364166880. 

Produktkatalog von piezosystem jena

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  • Piezoelemente mit Nanometer-Präzision
  • Piezokomposite- Hochlastaktoren
  • Motion Control Elemente
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  • Ausführliche Erklärung der Technologie in Hochlastaktoren

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