Product Spotlight September: PX 1500

Piezoelectric actuators and stages are known for their precision in the nanometer and sub-nanometer regime. However, such accuracy comes with some compromise: Strokes are usually in the µm range. For most applications, this is not a problem. Often, µm-strokes are even explicitly required. Here, customers want to harness the high stiffness and resonant frequencies. The higher the stroke translation of the ceramic stacks via a solid state hinge system, the lower the stiffness, the resonant frequency and the resolution. The maximum load capacity decreases as well. For quasi-static applications on the other hand, customers sometimes require a higher stroke than what is usual for piezo systems. Here, the PX 1500 comes into play.

Image: PX 1500

With a stroke of 1500 µm, the PX 1500 has the highest motion range of any standard system by piezosystem jena. A complex solid state hinges construction makes this possible. In order to avoid the negative effects of such a high stroke, piezosystem jena designed the system with an especially large ceramic stack. Thanks to this construction design the amount of translation required stays moderate and impacts on stiffness and resonant frequency are minimal. Undesired influences on the resolution are compensated by the piezo amplifiers. All piezo controllers by piezosystem jena are designed with very low electrical noise levels which keep the positioning stable and highly precise. The PX 1500 can be customized for cryogenic and vacuum environments. Customer specific customization is available as well.

For more information on the PX 1500 and suitable amplifier options, please contact our technical sales team via info(at)piezojena.com, our contact form or call +49(0)364166880.

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