New library for "micro manager" is now available for operation of piezo actuators, with d-Drive control electronics of piezosystem jena.

For the open source program "micro-manager" piezosystem jena has developed a device library, which allows the control of piezoelectric actuators using the d-Drive controller. The program "micro-manager" doesn´t depend on the hardware and can handle a variety of commands. The device configuration is done only once during the installation of the software and is completely customizable. With the help of this tool, specific positions can be reached to e.g. capture images in defined points.

The "micro-manager" not only offers high flexibility, but also has these added benefits:

  • Continuously adjustable position control
  • short travel ranges
  • simplified operation through a structured user interface
  • up to 50 settings
  • graphical user interface, no necessary instructional input via a terminal
  • control with scripts possible (e.g. Matlab, BeanShell)

You can find the "micro-manager" program in the download area of our website.

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