Coherent two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy in the Soret band of a chiral porphyrin dimer abstract & download PX 200 CAP
Microscope Upgrade for 3D surface metrology download MIPOS
Active Hair-Bundle Motility by the Vertebrate Hair Cell abstract & download PA 100/12
Adaptive Spectrum Analysis for Nanooptical Systems abstract & download PXY 400
A minimally invasive displacement sensor for measuring brain micromotion in 3D with nanometer scale resolution

abstract & download

Tritor 100
Construction of an optical tweezer for nanometer scale rheology abstract & download PXY 200
Coupling a sensory hair-cell bundle to cyber clones enhances nonlinear amplification abstract & download PA 100/12
Electron transmission characteristics of Au/1,4-benzenedithiol/Au junctions abstract & download PA 100/12
External-cavity quantum cascade lasers with fast wavelength scanning abstract & download PSH/ mirror tilter
Light-assisted deep-trapping of holes in conjugated polymers abstract & download MIPOS 100 inverted
Mie scattering distinguishes the topological charge of an optical vortex: a homage to Gustav Mie abstract & download Tritor
Multiple time scale dynamics in the breakdown of superhydrophobicity abstract & download MIPOS 500
Quantification of electrical field-induced flow reversal in a microchannel abstract & download MIPOS 500
Stochastic resonant damping in a noisy monostable system: Theory and experiment abstract & download Tritor 102
Water slip and friction at a solid surface abstract & download MIPOS 250
A scanning probe-based pick-and-place procedure for assembly of integrated quantum optical hybrid devices

abstract & download

PXY 80 D12

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